Sunday, July 9, 2017

Who is Damian Fontaine? A conversation with a fallen angel

Fallen Angel Chronicles is my new erotic fantasy series. Damian Fontaine was permanently banished to earth eight hundred years ago as a Fallen Angel. His transgression? A hedonistic existence. His self-proclaimed mission? To help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that has eluded them.

MISSION INNOCENCE is book #2 of the Fallen Angel Chronicles series, release date June 30, 2017.  Sarah Downing—a young woman leading a miserable existence in a small town under the thumb of a tyrannical father and cold mother. Can fallen angel Damian Fontaine help her find someone who will love her and she can love in return? Someone with whom she can build the happily ever after future she yearns to have?

This week I'm welcoming Damian Fontaine for a return visit to my blog. Good morning, Damian. It's nice to see you again.

Good morning to you, Samantha. Thanks for inviting me to participate in a second conversation.

Let's talk about MISSION INNOCENCE, the second book of the Fallen Angel Chronicles erotic fantasy series. Sarah Downing is the subject of this mission. How or why did you choose her?

As I explained last time I was here, all human vibration and thought travels through the universe. I tune into those waves of energy, refining and sorting until I've zeroed in on the person I feel is most in need of my special type of help at that time—help in achieving the hidden sexual desires and fantasies that fear, inhibitions, intimidations, cultural restrictions, or simply embarrassment has kept secreted away.

What was there about Sarah that grabbed your attention and made you decide to answer her need in particular rather than the others?

It was a combination of several things. Her overwhelming loneliness and despair came through loud and clear. As I focused in more closely on her situation, I became aware of her deplorable home life. She lived in a very small rural community, trapped with no viable means of escape. A tyrannical father who controlled everything around him with a dictatorial iron hand and a cold mother who didn't seem to care about anyone, certainly not her daughter. Even though her parents were not physically abusive, they more than made up for it with the emotional and psychological abuse they heaped on her. To give you an example of how repressed her life was, at the age of twenty-two her first real kiss was mine.

That type of home situation would most likely make someone incapable of functioning on her own…starting over in a strange place, not knowing anyone, making her own decisions for the first time, and learning how to determine who she could trust and who she couldn't. How was Sarah able to manage the changes you introduced into her life?

She was intelligent. And once she got over her initial shock, she was eager to learn. But most important…against all odds, she had a surprisingly strong inner strength. Once she was released from her shell, she quickly took control of her life and stood up for herself.

Obviously Sarah couldn't continue to live in the small community where she had spent her entire life. What did you arrange for her future and how did you accomplish it?

[amused chuckle] Really, Samantha…you know the answer to that one, don't you?

Ah, yes…the ever popular 'you will have to read the book' response. Fair enough. Thank you for being with us again, Damian. I hope you'll be able to return in a couple of weeks when your next story, MISSION INEVITABLE, is available.

It will be my pleasure, Samantha.

Fallen Angel, Damian Fontaine was banished from heaven for too often indulging in sex with humans. He has made the best of his eight hundred years on earth by creating missions to help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that eludes them.

Twenty-two year old Sarah Downing leads a life of quiet desperation in a small town. She has lived under the control of a domineering father and a cold mother. She longs for the freedom to expand her horizons, to experience life, and to find someone who will love her. When a handsome and mysterious stranger appears seemingly out of nowhere, he claims her silent pleas for help summoned him. He wants to help her explore her hidden desires.

Will her father’s puritanical teachings keep her imprisoned or will the mesmerizing stranger teach her to fly?

Available at The Wilder Roses (Scarlet Rose erotic line from The Wild Rose Press):
Also available at other online vendors.

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Jennifer Wilck said...

Wow, Damian sounds fantastic! Good luck with the book.

C.B. Clark said...

Damian is an intriguing character...lots of facets to his personality. Looking forward to reading more about him.