Sunday, September 27, 2015

SUMMER SIZZLE—a conversation with Blake and Vicki

How does that old adage go? Opposites attract? I don't think that's ever been more true than when Blake Callahan and Vicki Templeton first encountered each other at the beach house—a house each claimed as their own.

That definitely sounds like an awkward situation and who better to explain it to us than the two people involved.

My guests today are Blake Callahan and Vicki Templeton from SUMMER SIZZLE, an erotic romance novel by Samantha Gentry, released on Friday, September 25, 2015, in both ebook and print from The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press). Also available from other online vendors.

Thank you, Blake and Vicki, for being with us today.

Vicki:  Thank you for inviting us.

Blake:  It's our pleasure. You said you'd like to ask us about how we met and the difficulties we had in developing a relationship?

Vicki:  Difficulties? (spontaneous laugh) That's definitely an understatement.

Blake:  (shoots her a teasing grin) Well, it wouldn't have been so difficult if it weren't for Vicki's near obsessive need to plan for the future without giving any consideration to taking a little time to smell the roses along the way. Every moment of her day planned out in advance—

Vicki:  (returns his grin) And you…carrying on as if tomorrow didn't exist.

I understand this all started with the mix-up about which of you had the legal right to be living in the beach house.

Vicki:  Late Friday afternoon, I had all my belongings in boxes ready to move into the fully furnished beach house I had rented for the summer. I had sold all my furniture and even my car to secure the necessary funds to return to the university and get my master's degree without needing to work while attending classes. That would allow me to take a heavier schedule and finish sooner. I had lined up several of the summer seasonal businesses at the beach as clients, quit my job, and paid five months rent for what I thought was the perfect location. A fully furnished beach house within easy walking distance of all my clients.

That sounds like a very ambitious plan.

Vicki:  I had carefully worked out everything and this was the most economically feasible plan for the future.

So what went wrong?

Blake:  There was this one little thing that her carefully worked out plan for the future hadn't taken into consideration. The rental agent was a crook. He took her cashier's check to the bank within an hour of the time she gave it to him and disappeared, leaving her to twist in the wind.

Vicki:  I unlocked the front door and found this man inside my house. We…uh…exchanged a few confrontational words.

Blake:  We exchanged lots of confrontational words. And not just words…her Siamese cat attacked me, dug its claws into my ankle then my arm and drew blood.

Vicki:  I did feel bad about that—guilty and embarrassed. I immediately put her back into her carrier and told her she could not go around attacking him.

Blake:  It must have worked. The furry little beast basically behaved herself after that. My wounds healed and the cat and I did become friends.

Vicki:  It quickly became obvious to me that he was nothing more than an unemployed kite flying beach bum who had somehow managed to gain access to my house. Then he tells me he has a signed one year lease. I suddenly felt at a total loss about what to do. I could see all my plans for the summer and returning to the university in the fall for my master's degree moving out of my grasp…out of my control.

Blake:  When I realized what a tough spot she was in, I offered what I thought was a more than fair temporary compromise to get her through the weekend until the owner of the house would be back in town.

Vicki:  His idea of a compromise was suggesting I stay there for the weekend, for me to share the house with this total stranger. I definitely found his offer very troubling.

Blake:  (laughs) She told me she knew karate and had a gun. Friday evening progressed cautiously. But by the time Sunday arrived (reaches over and gives her hand an affectionate squeeze while trying to hide a sexy grin), we had discovered one area of total compatibility.

Vicki:  During the ensuing week he did his best to turn my carefully planned life—

Blake:  She means tightly regimented life with absolutely no room for simple things like enjoying a beautiful sunset—

Vicki:  Let's just say we had vastly differing lifestyles. (furrows forehead in a moment of thought) But underneath that carefree live-for-today outward manner of his, I sensed a level of intense emotional pain that he carried with him. Something he obviously didn't want to acknowledge and certainly didn't want to share. He became more and more of an enigma with each passing day. He seemed to be so busy trying to change my lifestyle while keeping his own inner turmoil hidden away.

Blake:  I have to plead guilty to that. For two years I had been living only for today. Living…actually I was only existing. But my attempts to loosen up her regimented today doesn't matter, only tomorrow counts way of looking at things gradually began to backfire on me. I found myself starting to think about what tomorrow held, what the future could be.

Ah…the art of compromise?

Blake:  Not really compromise. Something more akin to acknowledging that the greatest tragedy of my life had imprisoned my outlook for the future.

Vicki:  Then that day of reckoning, the day I discovered who he had been before he decided to hide behind the façade of a kite flying beach bum and how it nearly destroyed the relationship building between us.

That's quite a statement. What does it mean?

Blake:  (laughs) It means you'll need to read the book.

Vicki:  I second that!

Thank you, Blake and Vicki, for being with us today and sharing a little bit of your story.

SUMMER SIZZLE by Samantha Gentry is available in ebook and print from The Wilder Roses, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press.
And other online vendors

He lives only for today…she has eyes on tomorrow.

Growing up, Victoria Templeton watched her mother scrape for every penny and vowed that would never be her. She's become a woman so busy worrying about tomorrow, she doesn't allow time for today. And she has plans for the summer that don't include sharing a house with a carefree beach bum with no ambition, even one with a signed lease and a smokin' hot bronzed body.

The tragic loss of his six year old son caused Blake Callahan to learn the hard way no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. He now lives only for today—wine, women, and flying kites on the beach. Until an uptight female with soulful eyes and mouth-watering curves invades his beach house, claiming it's hers for the summer.

Forced to share the place until the mix-up is straightened out, Blake and Vicki find they have nothing in common…except a sizzling heat that has nothing to do with summer.

PG-EXCERPT #1 (first kiss—publisher's excerpt)
"You know what I think, Victoria Templeton?" His soft voice sounded so very sexy as he moved to stand directly behind her, his nearness sending waves of heated desire coursing through her veins. "I think you've never done a spontaneous thing in your life."

"How dare you make such an assumption!" She whirled around to face him and found herself looking up into his mesmerizing blue eyes. She tried to force a confident tone into her voice, something she definitely didn't feel. "You don't know a thing about me or my situation."

"I'll even go so far as to guess that you don't know how to be spontaneous." He stared at her as if trying to reach inside her head and drag out her thoughts. "You're so busy worrying about tomorrow that you won't allow yourself any time for today."

"You think I don't know how to be spontaneous?" Her words were spoken half in anger and half in disbelief. He had challenged her, something she couldn't allow to go unanswered. She stepped close to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and plastered her mouth against his.

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