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This Friday, April 17, 2015, is release day for my erotic romance, ISLAND ENCOUNTER.

He wants revenge. She wants peace.

A man with the wealth and power to make things happen, Flynn Ormond is about to see his decade-long quest for revenge fulfilled. But then he stumbles onto a bikini-clad beauty sunbathing on his deserted beach. He wants her, and he's accustomed to getting what he wants. However, she's a distraction he can't afford, not at all what she seems, and stands against everything he believes is right.

Traci Meredith has a long term plan of her own, to confront the man responsible for the death of her parents and finally move on with her life. But when sun-kissed god of a caretaker wanders into her life one sunny morning, she lets more than the tropical paradise seduce her from her goal. Then she discovers the truth of his identity and the length he'll go to for justice. Can she lure him from destruction's grip or will the fingers of the past hold on tight?

ISLAND ENCOUNTER, an erotic romance novella by Samantha Gentry and the next in my Encounter books series, will be available from The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Press).

Flynn Ormond is extremely wealthy, a wealth that has also given him a great amount of power.

However…unlike most men with that kind of wealth and power, very few people who know him are aware of this.  Even though he lives on a privately owned island, only two people know he actually owns it, the only two people he has taken into his full confidence.  Part of the island contains a luxury conference center.  With the exception of Flynn's attorney and his long time best friend who works for him, everyone believes he is the island caretaker and manager of the conference facilities…nothing more than the mysterious and unknown owner's representative.

And that's the way Flynn likes it. He has always preferred to maintain a low profile rather than being a public—and newsworthy—figure always in the spotlight and under a microscope so that all his activities and business dealings as well as his personal life are constantly being scrutinized.

And when a very wealthy and powerful high profile industrialist with a reputation for ruthless business dealings books the conference facilities for a week long corporate retreat, it gives him direct access to the one man who has been the subject of Flynn's decade long quest and the availability of finally putting an end to his one all-consuming drive.

A plan for revenge.

After a decade of maneuvers and manipulation, everything is in place and moving along on schedule.  Then one morning he comes across Traci Meredith sunbathing on the deserted beach in a secluded island cove, and his world suddenly turns upside down.

It doesn't take much conversation to determine how she got on the island and arouse his suspicions about her connection to the man at the center of his quest for vengeance, but exactly what is her connection and will it interfere with and compromise his master plan?

His immediate attraction to her is tempered with his need for caution.  He has spent too much money and too much time for his plan to suddenly be derailed by his desire for this woman.

A desire greater than any he has ever experienced.  A desire he doesn't understand.  A desire that frightens him in its enormity.

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Angelina Jameson said...

Great excerpt. Best wishes with your release.

Samantha Gentry said...

Angelina: Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for your comment.