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ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER—a conversation with Casey and Jake

He’s Mr. Right for the Weekend—a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.

But one weekend…is that all there is?  Let's find out.  My guests today are Casey Treadwell and Jake Palmer from ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER, an erotic romance novella by Samantha Gentry, scheduled for release from The Wilder Roses (Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press) on Friday, July 25, 2014 (as well as from numerous other online vendors).

Casey…Jake…thank you for taking time from your schedules to be here.

Casey:  It's our pleasure, Samantha.

Jake:  Thanks for inviting us.

First and foremost, how did the two of you meet?  I understand it wasn't exactly a typical situation.

Casey:  (laughing)  You can say that again! (shoots a teasing glance at Jake) Definitely anything but typical.  I think it could more accurately be described as sneaky, deceptive, underhanded—

Jake:  Someone stop her before my reputation is totally ruined! (chuckles).

So, Jake…would you like to tell us the 'real' story?

Casey:  When he's finished, I want equal time to 'correct' his fanciful version of what happened.

Jake:  My cousin, Jennifer, and Casey are best friends.  One day while driving down the street I spotted the two of them coming out of a theater.  It was love at first sight.  I called Jen that night and asked her to arrange a meeting.  She checked with Casey who said she didn't want to be fixed up with a blind date.  I kept after Jen who continued to bring it up to Casey who continued to shoot it down.

Sounds like Casey was very specific about not being interested.

Casey:  I don't know how I could have been more definitive.  By no stretch of anyone's imagination did I want to be set up on another blind date.  All my experiences with blind dates had been major disasters.  And on top of that, I had recently broken up with the most recent candidate for Mr. Right, someone else who turned out to be yet another Mr. Wrong.  I told Jen I was through trying to find that one special man because he obviously didn't exist, at least not for me.

Jake:  I refused to be relegated to the 'thanks but no thanks' pile.  So I came up with a scheme to 'accidently' meet the woman of my dreams and I relentlessly bugged Jen about it until she finally gave in and agreed to help me.  She arranged for Casey to meet her at a seaside inn on the coast between Ventura where we lived and San Francisco where Jen would be for a business meeting.  Casey finally agreed to meet Jen there.

Let me guess…Jennifer had no intention of showing up, leaving Jake there to take her place for the weekend?

Jake:  That was the plan, one obviously born of desperation.  As I look back on it now, it was a ridiculous ploy that had potential disaster written all over it.  Then the worst possible outcome of my stupid plan became reality.

What happened?

Casey:  I was devastated when—

Jake:  Let's suggest they read the book to find out what happened…how everything unraveled, then crashed and burned.

Casey:  Good idea.

You're going to lead us down the path then suddenly hit us with a dead end detour sign?

Casey:  (laughs)  Pretty much so.  You'll need to buy the book.

Jake:  (grins)  The lady has spoken.

Thank you, Casey and Jake.  So, everyone out there, on July 25th get to The Wilder Roses (or your favorite online retailer) and purchase your copy of ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER.

The Wilder Roses buy link:

After the last Mr. Right turns out to be another Mr. Wrong, Casey Treadwell swears off relationships. Even her best friend's efforts to set her up on a blind date are shot down. Nope, from now on, it's hot sex with no strings. But then her friend suggests a trip out of town for a weekend of sexual fantasies come true, and Casey's primed for adventure. And Fate is with her when she meets Mr. Right for the Weekend—a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.

Jake Palmer spotted the woman of his dreams two months ago, yet Casey refuses to go on a blind date. Not easily deterred, he stages an accidental encounter between the stubborn beauty and a "stranger" at a seaside getaway. But Jake's guilt over misleading her, combined with his fear of losing her when she discovers the truth, has him on edge. He has to tell Casey the truth. And he will. But first he has to get her to fall in love with him.

At that moment, Jake Palmer was the only item on her menu. She wanted to intimately know every inch of his body—his feel, his taste, the heat of his passion. A pulsing need emanated from between her legs. She could almost feel the sensation of his cock buried deep inside her, reaching the depths, giving her the incendiary orgasm she wanted.

The orgasm she needed.

"Look." He pointed out the window. "The dolphins are putting on a show for us." He took a sip of his wine. "If we're lucky, we might see some whales passing by on their annual migration."

They watched for several minutes as the dolphins jumped out of the water, disappeared, then surfaced again to make another jump as if playing a game.

She weighed her words for a moment before speaking, not sure if she should share the thought that popped into her mind. "I read somewhere that dolphins are the only animals, other than we humans, who have sex for pleasure."

He winked. "That's because dolphins are very intelligent."

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