Sunday, November 17, 2013

OPEN IN PRIVATE now available

OPEN IN PRIVATE is my erotic Christmas romance, general release Friday, November 15, 2013. 

Can professional shopper Charlene Vance make a sale on a relationship in spite of recently divorced Parker Simmons' No Sale sign?

The story begins with Charlene (Carli) Vance on her way to a meeting with Parker Simmons, her best and favorite client for her personal shopping service.  It's the Friday before Thanksgiving, a time when they always meet to discuss his upcoming personal and business Christmas shopping needs.  For five years Carli has lusted after Parker, but he's married which makes him off limits.  So her secret desire for him has remained her frustration and her secret.

However, she is about to find out that this year is different…very different.  Parker announces that he has been divorced since last April so his ex-wife, all her family and all her friends are off this year's list.  Divorced?  That moves Parker into the available category.  Before her elation gets out of hand, she reminds herself that he's also her best client and mixing business and pleasure usually doesn't work.

Carli isn't the only one with very personal and erotic thoughts.  Parker, especially during the last year when he knew his marriage was beyond repair, has thought more and more about Carli in a way having nothing to do with Christmas shopping.  Being an ethical man, he could not turn his back on his marriage vows and act on his desires.  But now that he's divorced—he turns their business meeting into a lunch meeting…where they never get around to discussing business.

Things quickly escalate into a very hot affair.  Carli, who has been divorced for seven years has finally moved beyond that never again mindset.  She wants someone special in her life, wants that commitment.  For Parker, commitment to a relationship is tantamount to a four letter word.  He's only been divorced a little over six months, he refuses to accept the possibility of commitment as part of his reality.

Two people, business associates—each with the highest degree of respect for the other as business associates in addition to having formed a friendship over the years.  Two people, strangers on a deeply personal level—drawn to each other in a way neither can resist.  As they decorate her Christmas tree together, seduced by the warmth and closeness of the moment, can Carli convince Parker that they have a lot more going for them than merely hot sex?  The solid footing needed to form a strong foundation for a lasting relationship?

Check out OPEN IN PRIVATE, erotic Christmas romance by Samantha Gentry, in current release at The Wilder Roses (Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press) and other online venues.

As a personal shopper, Charlene Vance values her professional association with long time client Parker Simmons. But at the meeting to discuss the list for this year's Christmas purchases, she learns that Parker is divorced and the ex-wife is off his list. When lunch leads to dessert between the sheets, Charlene is eager to move their relationship beyond good business and incredible sex.

Parker Simmons doesn't want anything more permanent than what's on the menu for today. But Charlene's enthusiasm to experiment in bed satisfies his darker appetites and suddenly he's craving more. Parker might need her help with holiday gift ideas but he's got his own shopping agenda. On his list? Gifts only for Charlene—to open in private.

PG-EXCERPT #1: (publisher's excerpt)
"Everything looks so good. I think I'll have the shrimp salad." Carli closed her menu and set it on the table.

Everything looks good to me, too, and I don't mean the food. "I'm going to have the chicken carbonara…and a glass of wine with my lunch. Would you join me?"

"Well, I usually don't drink during business meetings, but yes," she extended a sparkling smile, "I'd like that. A chardonnay."

He placed their lunch order with the waiter, then returned his attention to her. "We've had a very nice business relationship for five years. You obviously know a lot about me from doing my shopping, but I don't really know that much about you personally, other than you have great taste, are very intelligent, and have a good sense of humor."

The waiter arrived with the bottle of wine Parker had ordered. After opening the bottle, he poured each of them a glass, put the bottle in the ice bucket, and left.

Parker raised his glass toward Carli in a toast. "Here's to another successful Christmas holiday season." He tilted his head and raised a questioning eyebrow. "And perhaps to an even closer working relationship?" Maybe something hot and naked in a big bed?

"I'd like that, too."
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