Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nude Beaches—A Vacation Destination?

Legally designated nude beaches exist all over the world. Many travelers make vacation plans with one or more of these beaches as their specific destination.

Expedia did a recent survey to discover which country's residents are more likely to take a nude beach vacation. Their results indicated that Germans were the most likely to take it all off for vacation with 15% of those surveyed saying that had tanned at a nude beach. Spain and India shared the #2 spot with 8% (only a little over half of Germany's rating). Sweden, Denmark, Mexico and the Netherlands tied with 6%. The U.S. and U.K. occupied the #7 spot with just 2%.

Do you find the idea of a nude beach vacation intriguing but you don't know where to go? Following is a selection of international nude beaches that attract a faithful following.

Saline Beach—St. Barth:
This is St. Barth's most secluded beach, tucked away underneath a rocky hillside, where you can enjoy an afternoon glass of wine wearing only a hat and a smile.

Es Cavallet Beach—Ibiza, Spain:
This is one of several nude beaches in Spain. It's been reported that penalization for nudity in Spain violates constitutional rights.

South Beach—Miami, Florida U.S.A.:
You enter this beach near Haulover Park and be greeted by nude beach volleyball. Gives a whole new meaning to spectator sport.

Black's Beach—San Diego, California U.S.A.:
The Black Beach Bares is a group of local nude sport enthusiasts who enjoy stripped snorkeling, birthday suit boogie, and jiggly jogging.

Plage de Tahiti—St. Tropez, France:
This nude beach caters to the jet set rich and famous crowd. The rule is No Cameras Allowed.

Praia do Pinho—Santa Catarina, Brazil:
In 1987, Pinho became the first nationally sanctioned au natural beach in Brazil. It's motto? "Clothing is not an option."

Paradise Beach—Mykonos, Greece:
It's party all day and all night at the bars and clubs found along the sand line.

Little Beach—Maui, Hawaii U.S.A.:
This is Maui's official unofficial clothing optional beach.

Playa El Aqua—Margarita Island, Venezuela:
Margarita Island claims that in countries where nude sunbathing is widely permitted there is less incidence of sexual assault.

Clifton Beach—South Africa:
With steep dunes behind the beach to hide the sunbathers from gawkers, Clifton Beach claims it is the ideal nudist beach due to four sheltered coves that protect beach goers from chilly winds.

Baker Beach—San Francisco, California U.S.A.:
As part of San Francisco's Presidio, the half-mile long beach is on the San Francisco peninsula. But be warned, clothing optional is allowed only on the northern section.

Wreck Beach—Vancouver, B.C. Canada:
Hundreds of thousands visit Canada's first and largest clothing-optional beach each year. The beach is 7.8 kilometers long and follows the coastline below the forested 200-foot high cliff at the western tip of Vancouver.

Have any of you ever been to a nude beach? In which country?


Maddy said...

And there's one just outside Poole in the UK. You'll never guess what it's called..........Studland.

Samantha Gentry said...

Hi, Maddy: Got to LOL about that one! Thanks for your comment.

Margaret Fieland said...

I've been to nude beaches on various island vacation destinations, France, and the U.S. I was younger and slimmer (and my body was in general less battered) at the time, however.

Samantha Gentry said...

Margaret: I went to one on Southern California many many years ago. I know what you mean about the "younger years". :)

Thanks for commenting.

Matos said...

I made a list of the top ten nude beaches in Brazil. Praia do Pinho is in it. Check it out if you are a naturist :)