Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beware Of America's Creepiest Roads!

They've been called urban legends, ghost stories, creepy encounters. But they all have one thing in common—unexplained happenings on dark roads in the dead of night. If you'll pardon the use of the word dead.

Or maybe it's more appropriate than you realize. :)

Halloween is this month and the perfect time of year to explore these creepy lanes and the unexplained happenings. Here's a sampling of some of these haunted roads.

The San Antonio Ghost Track: If you put your car in neutral on the tracks, the car will move by itself off the tracks. And if you cover the bumper in baby power, you'll find child-sized palm prints. However, be careful if you decide to try it out. There have been reports of bandits waiting in hiding for people to start their paranormal test.

The Georgia Ghost Roads: Travelers late at night along Railroad Bed Road and Old Ghost Road (Robertson Road) see a faint orange light flashing in the distance. As they drive closer to it, a man will appear who is digging a ditch…or perhaps a grave. He turns and walks toward the car, but disappears before he gets there.

Buckout Road in Harrison, NY: The shocking murders committed by Issac Buckhout are believed responsible for the area's many reports of notorious activities such as farms burning, vandalism in a local historic cemetery, and people who claimed to have been attacked by flesh-eating monsters because they parked in front of a specific red house and honked their car horn three times.

Meshack Road in Tompinsville, KY: This is supposedly the original location of the oft repeated story of the young woman in the prom dress who is walking along the road and given a ride by a young man. He gives her his coat to keep warm. The next day he returns to the house where he took her in order to retrieve his coat. The woman living there told him her daughter had died several years ago…on prom night.

Milford Road in Oxford, Ohio: The story of star-crossed lovers. The boy and girl were in love but the girl's father hated the boy. The boy would flash his motorcycle headlight three times and if he saw her porch light flash three times in return he knew it was safe to go there. One night he's killed on the road, but the flashing lights continue to haunt the area.

Mona Lisa Drive in New Orleans: A philanthropist donated a collection of statuary to the city with one stipulation. The statue commissioned to commemorate the death of his only daughter, Mona, be placed in a special location in the park by itself. One night a car chase ended with a car crashing into the statue and shattering it. After that, rumors began to circulate that Mona lurked in the park where the statue had been, haunting innocent and unsuspecting visitors.

Archer Road in Justice, IL: Resurrection Cemetery is the site of a story similar to the Meshack Road haunting. A young man met a pretty blond at a dance. At the end of the evening, he drove her home. When they reached the cemetery, she asked him to stop. She got out of the car, walked toward the gate, and disappeared. He went to the house where she said she lived and the woman told him her daughter had been dead for five years.

Spook Hill in Burkittsville, MD: In addition to the ghostly reputation courtesy of the 1990s horror movie, The Blair Witch Project, an unexplained recurring happening here is similar to the Railroad Crossing in San Antonio. When driving up Spook Hill, if you stop and put the car in neutral it won't roll back downhill. It will continue uphill as if being pushed. The local ghostly tale claims it's Civil War soldiers who think they're pushing one of their cannons up the hill.

Shades of Death Road in Warren Co., NJ: Yes, Shades of Death Road is the real name of the street, but no one is sure exactly how the name came about. Over the decades many murders have happened along this stretch of road, each its own ghastly tale, which certainly explains why so many different ghosts haunt the area.

Do you have any ghostly tales or spooky happenings where you live?


Harlie Reader said...

Samantha, thanks for the list. I live in Texas and had no idea of the road in San Antonio.

Harlie Reader said...

And again, I can't wait for your other posts.

Julianne said...

There are a ton of haunted spots around my hometown, Gulf Coast of Florida. Supposedly there are haunted tunnels underneath Ybor City, and there are a few haunted hotels and theaters around here too.

Now you're making me squeamish to go out after dark, Samantha! ;)


Anonymous said...

Kewl post! There is also a "Spook Hill" in Sebring Florida. You park your car in the up-hill position (its a very sharp incline) and the car will continue to drive up the hill. I loved going there when I was a kid!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Samantha Gentry said...

Harlie: I think your Texas A&M avatar was a giveaway. :)

San Antonio also has the very haunted Alamo. My blogs all this month are Halloween themed.

Thanks for stopping by.

Samantha Gentry said...

Julianne: Just think positive thoughts and brave the outdoors until Halloween is over! When the first of November arrives, you can think about turkeys and pilgrims.

Thanks for commenting.

Samantha Gentry said...

Kari: Those unexplainable happenings are really bizarre...and weird. I, personally, haven't had any haunting type of experiences, but I know people who have. However, I have been places that made me feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason.

Harlie Reader said...

I know, its a dead giveaway. LOL! Thanks for noticing. Most people don't even look at it and comment.

Mindy said...

Great ghost roads Samantha :)
Outside of Hamburg, PA ( where I live) we have quite a few haunted roads. The most well known is Hex Highway around Hexe Danz (Witches Hill). Bobbing lights are seen on the hill & above the trees, cars also have been known to stop running and wheat has had crop circles in it.

Mindy :)

Samantha Gentry said...

Mindy: That's good ghost story stuff...bobbing lights, cars that stop running, and crop circles. And any road named Hex Highway would certainly make you thing twice. :)

Thanks for posting.