Sunday, July 23, 2017

Damian Fontaine Has Returned

Damian Fontaine has returned for a third time to share his thoughts about another of his missions. This time we'll be talking with him about Hayley Vincent's story, MISSION INEVITABLE.

Fallen Angel Chronicles is my erotic fantasy series. Damian Fontaine was permanently banished to earth eight hundred years ago as a fallen angel. His transgression? A hedonistic existence. His self-proclaimed mission? To help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that has eluded them.

MISSION INEVITABLE is book #3 of the Fallen Angel Chronicles series, release date July 21, 2017. Hayley Vincent and Ward Dawson—friends with benefits. But Hayley wants so much more. She wants his love for a lifetime. Can Damian help commitment phobic Ward realize that the girl next door is the one to fill that emotionally empty spot inside him? The one who will make his life complete? And Damian has his own problems as he wrestles with his confusing feelings toward Rhiannon, a witch of the ancient bloodline who has been his lover for the last four centuries

Good morning, Damian. I appreciate you taking the time from your schedule to stop by and talk with us again.

Good morning to you, Samantha. Thanks for having me on your blog for the third time. I'm honored.

Before we talk about MISSION INEVITABLE, the third book of the Fallen Angel Chronicles erotic fantasy series, I'd like to talk about you.

Me? What would you like to know about me? I'm not all that interesting.

An immortal—a fallen angel banished to earth who has participated in 800 years of human history. Someone who has first hand knowledge of pivotal events that have led to the world stage as it exists today. I find that a fascinating subject.

Well, I must admit that MISSION INEVITABLE does contain a few crumbs of information about my past experiences on earth not connected to my missions. To blend in over eight centuries without arousing suspicion, I've had to constantly reinvent my outer persona as it relates to humans.

Do you mean you've been able to change your physical appearance?

No, not that. I was born 1,134 years ago. My human existence died at the age of 34. I was an angel and traveled between earth and the hereafter for 300 years until my…uh, shall we say 'misdeeds'…resulted in me being permanently banished to earth. I looked like this at the time of my death. At 6'2" I used to be taller than almost everyone, [extends a teasing grin and a wink] and now I'm not. During the last millennium, humans have gotten taller. During the last 800 years I've been many things from the highest to the lowly including royalty, a carpenter, a soldier, a wizard, an adviser to a king, and even a teacher.

A wizard?

Yes, even though I have been banished to earth, I still have many of my mystical powers.

And a teacher? What did you teach?

[laughs] The obvious—I taught history.

Why did you choose Hayley Vincent as one of your missions?

The waves of vibrations carrying her desires kept reaching out to me. She was not sexually repressed, quite the contrary. She had a healthy sexual relationship with her next door neighbor, Ward Dawson. Sexually fulfilling, but it was one of unrequited love. She desperately wanted him to return the love she had been carrying for him for three years. She wanted a lifetime relationship with him, a commitment from Ward that exceeded their current situation of Friends With Benefits.

She did not need her hidden sexual desires released. She had already found the man she loved and wanted to be with for the rest of her life. That seems like it would be a simple task for you to fix. Why did you select this particular situation as a mission?

It was basically a straight forward task—determine Ward was the right man for her, make him jealous, get to the cause of his commitment phobia, put him in a position where he finally realized exactly what he would be losing if he allowed Hayley to move on with her life and no longer be available to him when he was between girlfriends.

Why did you select such a simple mission this time?

[pensive expression covers his face] That's difficult to answer. It has to do with my limited ability to actually experience human emotions. I understand them intellectually but am not able to actually experience them as a human would.

Is that important for your missions? [pauses to consider what she's just said] I don't mean that emotions aren't necessary to your missions…love, emotional fulfillment, and lifetime happiness are vitally important to humanity. I mean, why are you struggling with this problem at this time? And for that matter, why is it a problem?

Rhiannon, an immortal who is a witch of the ancient bloodline, has been a participant in my existence for approximately 400 years.

A participant in your existence? That seems like an odd choice of words. I recall her being involved with MISSION INNOCENCE in helping you secure a happy future for Sarah Downing. I know she's been your lover and closest friend for 400 years. Is there more?

That is the question I can't answer. Or more accurately, don't know how to answer due to my fleeting ability to actually experience human emotions, to be able to feel them for myself. It's a troubling problem that I'm trying to work out.

That sounds as if your next mission might be your own story.

[flashes dazzling smile] Who knows what the future will bring.

Thank you, Damian, for talking with us about MISSION INEVITABLE and also for sharing a little it of insight into your personal situation.

Once again, it was my pleasure, Samantha.
Fallen Angel, Damian Fontaine was banished from heaven for too often indulging in sex with humans. He has made the best of his eight hundred years on earth by creating missions to help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that eludes them.

Advertising executive Hayley Vincent believes Ward Dawson, her ridiculously hot best friend and sometimes lover, would be the perfect man if he didn't have a severe case of commitment phobia. She's been in love with him for years. Then a steamy new neighbor moves in across the hall, and she has to wonder if it might be time to move on...or at least try to spark some jealousy and change her status with Ward from friends with benefits to something permanent.

While Damian works toward completing his current mission, he begins to question the meaning of his centuries-old relationship with Rhiannon, a witch with a sexual appetite as veracious as his, and the sudden stirrings of mortal emotions. Has he been on Earth too long or is there more at hand?

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Jennifer Wilck said...

Damian sounds great! Good luck with the book.

Samantha Gentry said...

Jennifer: I've enjoyed writing Damian, speculating on what type of background that character would have.

Thanks for your comment.