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A CONVERSATION WITH DAMIAN FONTAINE -- Mission Insecure/Fallen Angel Chronicles

Fallen Angel Chronicles is my erotic fantasy series. Immortal Damian Fontaine was permanently banished to earth eight hundred years ago as a Fallen Angel. His transgression? A hedonistic existence. His self-proclaimed mission? To help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that has eluded them.

MISSION INSECURE, book #1 of the Fallen Angel Chronicles series is available now (released June 2, 2017). Caitlin Montieth—a woman cruelly betrayed by a man she loved. Can Fallen Angel Damian Fontaine rescue her from a self-imposed isolated existence, restore her self-confidence, and return her to the passionate woman who at one time enjoyed a fulfilling life?

This week I'm welcoming Damian Fontaine to my blog. Good morning, Damian.

And good morning to you, Samantha. [extends his hand]

[accepts handshake] This is something different for me. I've interviewed an immortal before, Devon Bainbridge who is a witch and a high priest as presented in HIS MAGICK TOUCH, but never a fallen angel. Or do you prefer to be called an immortal?

Just Damian will do. I have a very close friend, Rhiannon, who is a witch of the ancient bloodline. We've been very close for about four hundred years. I must admit being interviewed is different for me, too. Public attention and recognition is not something I seek. Even though I've been immortal for over a thousand years and banished to earth eight hundred years ago, I try to always project an image of today in order to blend in regardless of the decade or century. I do not make my true identity known. My day-to-day interactions with mortals do not require me to divulge that I'm immortal.

You are not what I was expecting. I'm surprised—you seem totally flesh-and-blood human. About 6'2", dark hair, green eyes, a solid handshake, skin warm to the touch, you're not transparent, you don't glow—

[spontaneous laugh] Were you expecting something akin to one of your Halloween ghosts?

[joins his laughter] When I said you weren't what I was expecting, I guess I meant I didn't know what to expect.

As I understand it, you want to talk to me about my self-proclaimed missions. And today, specifically about Caitlin Montieth—the subject of MISSION INSECURE.

Yes, but let's start by clarifying your status as a fallen angel. It's my understanding that the charges against you consisted of continued illicit activities with both mortals and immortals, associating with unholy entities such as witches and vampires, wild excesses of the flesh, decadence without remorse. That the pronouncement in your case was no hope of redemption. Is that an accurate assessment?

In one word…yes. Since banishment is seldom reversed, I set about creating my missions as a way of coping with eternity on earth and attempting to make the human existence better for those I can help.

Let's talk about your missions, specifically Mission Insecure. Who is Caitlin Montieth and why did you select her for one of your missions?

All human vibration and thought travels through the universe. I tune into those waves of energy, refining and sorting until I've zeroed in on the person I feel is most in need of my special type of help at that time.

What type of help are we talking about?

I help people who need my assistance in achieving the hidden sexual desires and fantasies that fear, inhibitions, intimidations, cultural restrictions, or simple embarrassment has kept secreted away.

And Caitlin?

She was a bit different from my normal missions. A woman of forty, wealthy and beautiful, who at one time led a full life including a passionate sex life. A woman who, for the last ten years, had been withdrawn and isolated—by choice. She was engaged to a man who turned out to be in love with her money rather than her. The betrayal and emotional upheaval robbed her of her self-confidence and sent her into a hermit-like existence—constantly protecting her fragile emotions and ever fearful of someone taking advantage of her again.

How do you go about initiating your missions if you don't announce your status as a fallen angel and your purpose for being there?

I study my subject for a period of time, maybe just a few days and occasionally as long as a month—every place they go, everything they do, what they think and feel—then arrange a situation to initiate that first contact.

How did you orchestrate your initial meeting with Caitlin and what happened then?

[grins mischievously]  I can only say that it was a rainy day in Seattle that started with Caitlin hitting me with her car. I'm not at liberty to say anything beyond that. But, if you read the book, you'll know.

Fair enough. Thank you for being with us, Damian. I hope you'll be able to return in a month when your next story, MISSION INNOCENCE, is available.

It will be my pleasure, Samantha.
Fallen Angel, Damian Fontaine was banished from heaven for too often indulging in sex with humans. He has made the best of his eight hundred years on earth by creating missions to help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that eludes them.

Wealthy Caitlin Montieth doesn’t fit that definition. But having once enjoyed an uninhibited sex life, she experienced a cruel betrayal of her love and trust. She has withdrawn to the security of a solitary life. She doesn’t trust anyone. She avoids meeting new people and social situations. And each day she sinks further into her self-imposed loneliness and isolation.

Can Damian restore her self-confidence and return her to the passionate woman who formerly enjoyed life to the fullest?

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