Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nude Beaches—A Vacation Destination?

Legally designated nude beaches exist all over the world.  Many travelers make vacation plans with one or more of these beaches as their specific destination.

There was a survey done recently to discover which country's residents were more likely to take a nude beach vacation.  The results indicated that Germans were the most likely to take it all off for vacation.  Of everyone surveyed, 15% said that had tanned at a nude beach.  Spain and India shared the #2 spot with 8% (only a little over half of Germany's rating).  Sweden, Denmark, Mexico and the Netherlands tied with 6%. The U.S. and U.K. occupied the #7 spot with just 2%.

Do you find the idea of a nude beach vacation intriguing but you don't know where to go?  Following is a selection from The Travel Channel showing international nude beaches that attract a faithful following.

South Beach—Miami, Florida U.S.A.:
More commonly referred to as Haulover Beach, you enter this beach near Haulover Park and are greeted by nude beach volleyball.  Gives a whole new meaning to spectator sport.

Black's Beach—San Diego, California U.S.A.:
The Black Beach Bares is a group of local nude sport enthusiasts who enjoy stripped snorkeling, birthday suit boogie, and jiggly jogging.

Praia do Pinho—Santa Catarina, Brazil:
In 1987, Pinho became the first nationally sanctioned au natural beach in Brazil. It's motto?  "Clothing is not an option."

Little Beach—Maui, Hawaii U.S.A.:
This is Maui's official unofficial clothing optional beach.

Baker Beach—San Francisco, California U.S.A.:
As part of San Francisco's Presidio, the half-mile long beach is on the San Francisco peninsula.  But be warned, clothing optional is allowed only on the northern section.

Wreck Beach—Vancouver, B.C. Canada:
Hundreds of thousands visit Canada's first and largest clothing-optional beach each year. The beach is 7.8 kilometers long and follows the coastline below the forested 200-foot high cliff at the western tip of Vancouver.

Red Beach—Matala, Greece:
Crete's Red Beach resort is remarkably picturesque.  Nudity is allowed everywhere except the dining room.

Hedonism II—Negril, Jamaica:
This all-inclusive resort is divided into nude and prude sections. There are separate facilities for nude swimming, sunbathing, and volleyball.

Sumarai Beach—Australia:
This nude beach is located approximately 2.5 hours north of Sydney.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica:
Part of the resort located 200 yards off shore is Tower Isle, a day trip nudist beach.  The rest of the complex has a dress code.

Montalivet Beach—France:
This is the birthplace of the international naturist movement, established in 1950.

Cap s'Agde—Agde, France:
From March to mid October, the city of Agde transforms into a nude city where baring it all is required.

Plakias Beach—Plakias, Greece:
Since the 1960s this beach has a reputation as a safe spot for those embracing the clothing optional lifestyle.

Club Orient—St. Martin:
One of the best family-friendly clothing optional beaches in the Caribbean.

Hidden Beach Resort—Mexico:
Located between Cancun and Tulum on the Mayan Riviera, the resort caters solely to the naturist.

Moshup Beach—Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts:
Also known as Gay Head Beach and located below the Gay Head Cliffs, it has a clothing optional section.

Have any of you ever been to a nude beach?  In which country?


Ashantay said...

Thanks for the list - I was surprised to learn Germans are most likely to doff their garb. I'd have thought the Scandinavian counties more apt. Enjoyed the post -

Samantha Gentry said...

Ashantay: I'm with you...I thought the Scandinavian countries would have been at the head of the list. However, I did see a thing on the Travel Channel about truck stops and all the luxury amenities they now offer and it showed one Truck stop in Germany that included a nude indoor swimming pool that could be used all year.

Thanks for your comment.