Sunday, January 1, 2012

9 Hangover Remedies -- Do They Really Work?

New Year's Eve has just come and gone. And synonymous with New Year's Eve is the traditional celebration—the New Year's Eve PARTY.

And from the party comes the inevitable next morning hangover for many of those party-goers.

It seems that everyone has a sure fire remedy for the dreaded hangover. Let's take a look at 9 popular home remedies and what the experts say about their viability.

1) Increase Water Intake
It's generally known that alcohol dehydrates the body so it's only logical to assume that drinking lots of water will help rehydrate the body thus easing that hangover. It's not a complete cure but it will help the bloodstream and circulatory system carry nutrients and oxygen to tissue and remove waste from a night of drinking.

2) Nibbling Toast With Honey
Evidence suggests that any high-carb, high-sugar snack might provide some immediate energy, but beware…it's only a temporary boost, not a cure.

3) Guzzling Sports Drinks
The extra electrolytes found in sports drinks such as Gatorade can give them an edge over plain water to treat a hangover by leading to quicker rehydration of the body.

4) Loading Up On Vitamins And Minerals
Vitamin C and magnesium can help the body break down alcohol and eliminate it from the body, making them a viable hangover remedy. A good source is magnesium citrate power which can be taken with hot or cold water.

5) Drinking Coffee
This is a popular way of initially easing the pain of a hangover, but it's only temporary and is limited in its effects. Caffeine is dehydrating, same as alcohol. It might wake you up, but can potentially make the situation worse.

6) Have Some "Hair Of The Dog"
Waking up and having another alcoholic drink may be a sort of feel-good cure, but it's very temporary. The traditional college approach to ease the pain doesn't help. Drinking more alcohol only continues to disrupt blood chemistry and hydration.

7) Eating Greasy Food
A greasy breakfast, one high in carbohydrates and fat content, can give your body a short term boost. But, for the long term it's not a good idea.

8) Working Out
Of all the possible and popular hangover cures, the experts say this one works the best. It improves circulation and pumps up your mood-boosting hormones. The biggest problem with this is forcing yourself do it.

9) Sex
There isn't any scientific data to support engaging in sex as a hangover cure. But there's no harm in trying. :)


Harlie Reader said...

#9 cracks me up. And there is no harm in it. :)

Great blog, as usual.


p.s. Hubby is working a nasty one this morning.

Maureen said...

Good post-and timely, lol. A couple ones I hadn't heard of before- thanks! Happy New Year!

Samantha Gentry said...

Marika: Yikes...hope your hubby is feeling better by now.

Samantha Gentry said...

Maureen: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Judy said...

Well, being as I had popcorn and Diet DP while watching a movie, I'm good to go...but the 'cures' were interesting to say the least! LOL

Samantha Gentry said...

Judy: New Year's Eve was about that exciting, too. And, as you said, the next morning I was good to go! :)