Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taking The Holiday Off

Normally I would be posting a new blog this morning, but I'm taking the holiday weekend off.

We're having a family get together at my mother's house this afternoon where we'll barbeque on the patio and probably play some cards. We're even having good weather this weekend. The rain has gone. It's supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees today. But as I look out my office window, there's a whole lot of fog that needs to vanish before the promise of sun will come about.

This is also sort of a midway point between my brother and sister-in-law's wedding anniversary (September 3) and my mother and step-father's wedding anniversary (September 11). just occurred to me that my niece's wedding anniversary is also this month, September 21st. That will be their first anniversary. Make note to self -- mail Happy Anniversary card.

Another reason I didn't have a blog prepared for today is because I start teaching my class on Wednesday (September 9) so I need to prepare for that. I teach an eight week fiction writing class (two hours a night, one night a week, for eight weeks) twice a year at the state university. My class is in the Adult Continuing Education Non-Credit Classes division. When I started doing this, I thought it would probably last for a couple of years. To my total surprise, I've been doing this twice a year for twelve years. You'd think after twelve years that I wouldn't need much in the way of preparation before starting class. :)

Most of my class preparation consists of going over the eight weekly lessons to refresh my memory and making changes and updates to references I use from books, movies, and television as examples of a specific writing techniques.

Well...I see that I've rambled on here with spontaneous thoughts long enough to actually have a new post on my blog. So, I guess you can ignore the title. I didn't take the holiday off after all. :)

Does anyone have any special plans for this Labor Day holiday weekend?


Sylvie said...

Sounds like a fab class.
I spent my holiday unpacking. I just drove back from PA to AZ after spending a month visiting family. Nice to visit but nice to be home again :-)Except for all the unpacking! I hate that part...

Sylvie Kaye

Samantha Gentry said...

Sylvie: PA to AZ ... that's a long drive. Hope you didn't run into any adverse weather. I know what you mean about 'nice to be home again.' No matter how luxurious your surroundings where you're staying, there's something about being back home in your own bed. :)